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Subscribe with us, for daily news and current UVA projects, We needs more volunteers and hands together.

A Non-Profit Charity Organization

We are United to Serve the Humanity

A Brief History About us

We the residents of USA have incorporated United Volunteers Association (UVA) in the state of Texas within the rules and regulations of Texas non-profit corporation Act. United Volunteers Association (UVA) is USA based 501 (C) (3) approved non-profit charitable organization. It is established to fulfill our responsibility towards humanity regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, class, location, religion, color, cultural diversity and social background, with a special focus on the majority of the population living below the poverty line.

We have a STRONG Mission

To provide charitable assistance to implement educational development, social welfare, charity, hunger, cultural, healthcare and emergency relief programs in economically backward areas with a focus on projects that promote self-employment to ensure sustainable individual and community growth.

Our Objectives

We are highly dedicated professionals with one solid AIM to serve the society with the best resources we can.

To conduct, coordinate and promote various educational, social, cultural, healthcare, and economic upliftment activities to benefit underprivileged people of economic and socially backward societies.

To raise and solicit funds from the donors and grants from corporate companies in USA to carry out the welfare programs directly or in cooperation with other non-profit charitable organizations working to eradicate poverty, improve quality of life and to promote economic development by implementing educational and healthcare programs, especially for underprivileged people, in the economically backward areas.

To raise, solicit, receive charitable funds and donations to carry out worthy humanitarian programs and rapid relief operations during natural causes like famine, Earthquake, flood, fire , ethnic clashes and other calamities of similar nature either directly or in cooperation with other non-profit organizations.

To provide charitable assistance to empower the underprivileged people of the society through socio-economic development programs such as micro-finance for setting up small businesses, self-employment schemes, food packets distribution, warm clothes distribution during winter etc.

To provide modern education and training to the economically backward students in the society.

To provide education and training to the poor without discrimination of caste and creed by enabling them to earn livelihood after this training

To provide aid, financial assistance, and scholarships to the brilliant, poor, and deserving students for their education.

To provide financial assistance to elderly people, widows, orphans, poor girls marriages and to render assistance for relief of the poor and destitute

To aid for medical treatment, medicines and other medical facilities to serve the poor and deserving patients.